The art of comics collecting

  • Comic books began as a popular and relatively inexpensive hobby. Comic books collecting have been defined as the practice of collecting comics and related objects. It is a popular hobby all over the world. Comic books collecting are accepted as one of the areas of collecting hobbies. The casual DC comics collectors gather comics for absolute enjoyment and relaxation. Comic books can be found on all subjects. Comics are some time collected for their historical value and geographical aspects. Comic books stores and dealers supply the collectors with comics along with lists, catalogues and other publications.

    comic bookComic books became more popular nowadays, because there are many popular movies was released in 2010-2012. One of the most popular is The Avengers, a movie to be enjoyed by super hero lovers.  It has a team of Marvel's super heroes with name of team same as the title of the film.  It includes the most familiar and famed superheroes of iconic marvel, Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Thor, hack eye and black widow. Same about DC comics heroes there was filmed movies Jonah Hex (2010), Green Lantern (2011) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

    The biggest collection is represented in The VCU Libraries' Comic Arts Collection. It is housed in Archives and consists of over 0,1M items. It has over 45,000 comics and graphic novels, comic strips, memorabilia, editorial cartoons, fanzines, comic journals and a lot of reference materials.  VCUL is also the repository for the Comic Industry Awards Archives.

    Many DC Comics are studied by researchers in various disciplines. They are of interest as artefacts of social history and culture and they are a form of graphic art as well as a form of literature.