The Care Of Fine Books

Written by Jane Greenfield

  • The Care Of Fine Books bookCollecting books is an interesting hobby and for people who are in to the habit of collecting books, there are thousands of interesting and historical books out there, for your collection. Collecting books is a simple task as there are many online as well as offline stores, but the arduous task is the care that you should take while preserving and maintaining the books. Only then, the books will remain in good condition for you to read later or sell them for a higher price.

    The Care Of Fine Books written by Jane Greenfield is the best book that you would get for giving you insights into caring and maintaining books. The author is a distinguishable authority and advisor in book conservation at Yale University Library. With tons of experience under her name, she has given all his ideas and suggestions in this book that will come in handy for all book collectors. She has also included chapters on repairing damaged books and its bindings so that they can be sold for higher value.

    There are many causes of damage to books and all of them are discussed thoroughly along with protective measures to prevent those damages. There are certain books that are of higher value and that needs to be cared with higher importance. Information on such books along with their caring techniques is elaborately discussed in the pages so that the readers can get a glimpse of all those techniques as soon as they read them.

    The books is one of the needed collection for all librarians, book collectors etc. It is a treasure to have in your book shelf and you will never regret your decision of buying this book.