The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology review

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology bookComic books began as a popular and relatively inexpensive hobby. Comic books collecting have been defined as the practice of collecting comicNumbers play the most important part in your life, turning positives to negatives and vice versa. They set the events in your life and make you work towards it.

    Numerology is thus the science of numbers. For those who want to know more about numerology can visit website here to get ultimate guide on this subject. It takes a toll on you to understand all the concepts in the field and to practice them. Several methods are in practice, and they are illustrated in many sources for the beginners to have a glimpse. By far the best source among them is books. So many authors have written books on the subject, and it is the responsibility of the readers to find a suitable book for them. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology is a book written by Kay Lagerguist and Lisa Lenard.

    The book, as described by the author, deals with the various ways by which numbers influence our future course of actions. The author is a numerologist and a counselor. The book helps the readers to develop a clear understanding of the subject. The author also addresses the concerns on calculating the numbers for prediction.

    The book gives details regarding the master numbers and karmic debt numbers as well. Integrating numbers in various positions is also dealt with in a simple manner. There are so many systems to follow in numerology, and it is difficult for you to try all of the methods, and find the best one. Hence, the author has done an analysis on all of the methods and has described the pros and cons of each method so that the reader can decide on which method to follow.

    The categories such as soul, destiny, and maturity are given separately, and the numbers for each category is mentioned so that a more general analysis is avoided. With so many books in market it is the responsibility of the reader to figure out the best among them. This book will surely turn out to be a better one than the others.