Song In The Dark

  • This sordid affair begins with Angelica's mother waking her up in the middle of the night and taking her into the master bedroom so that she can give her parents a "special treat"

    Angelica studied her parent’s room intently, since she had been banned from entering here before. This was the throne room of her parent’s empire; in here they held their most sacred of pleasures. Angelica was a little disappointed; she saw only the boring pink walls that most bedrooms seemed to have, a towering white cupboard with a set of golf clubs propped against it

    Remember them; they'll be making a reappearance...

    Soon, her father arrives, looking a bit worse for wear:

    He looked dead, like the guy on a scary movie Angelica had watched once. His eyes where bloodshot, his four o’ clock shadow rigid and coarse, taught against his pale white skin. His black hair clung greasily to his head. Over the past couple of days Angelica had watched her Father’s downward spiral to this stage with only a mild interest. She was too young to take much of an interest in her Daddy’s problems, but now that she was sat her, staring in to his dead eyes, aware of his towering erection, she realised how bad things where.

    Oh yeah, he's sporting an 8x3 inch erection. As often seems to be the case in stories like these.

    Drew asks if she'd like to make him happy, the answer, naturally, is "yes". Then he explains how she can make him happy, and this thing starts to get a lot more disturbing.

    After stripping her and throwing her around the room for a bit, Drew picks up his pre-teen godess and begins to rape her. It soon becomes apparent, however, that they need to... "widen" her first.


    This involves using one of the golf clubs in a way that no golf club should ever be used.


    Then they move up to a baseball bat.

    Then the wide end of said bat.

    Once that's over with, the rape continues as before, only with the added attraction of them drinking her blood.

    They then take her to bed, so she can cry the bitterest saddest symphony you ever heard.

    And now I think I'm going to go do something similar.