The Talent Show

  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade, have spawned two delightful children. Soria is the Mary Sue, and Nathaniel exists only to torment her.

    "When are you going to grow up and start acting mature like me, gods your almost 13!" She said still brushing her long hair.

    "Iam not mature?!?!?" he said " At least i dont spend hours grooming my hair!"

    "I do not!" But then she looked at the brush and threw it.

    "Listen we are going to be late, and i dont have time for your childish antics!" she then pushed her hair back and exited the room. He fallowed soon after.

    Soria decides to enter a talent show for, like every Mary Sue that ever there was, she has a wonderful singing voice. What she doesn't have is originality. She steals her song from Christina Aguilera, while Nathaniel, no creative genius himself, gets his dastardly plan to humiliate her from Stephen King's Carrie.

    Then her voice came out, sounding like a small high voice pitched chimpmonk.

    The judges laughed and then her brother pulled on the cord sending blue paint all on his sister. She screamed as it went all over the dress her aunt had given her for her birthday. It was her aunts and fathers mothers dress. And it was white.

    Eventually, peace is restored in Casa Skywalker when Nathaniel listens to Christina Aguilera's lyrics and realizes the error of his ways. Whose white dress was ruined is a mystery for the ages.