Trap of Desire

  • Ah, Sandman. Such a tiny, yet lovely fandom, growing slowly, like a delicate flower raising its petals to the sun - and yet, already beset by the vile moldering force that is godawful fanfic. For, in the guise of a "story" with a "plot", there masquerades one of the most terrible, fearful, not to mention woefully-transparent lesbian sex fantasies e'er to plague this fair land.

    Okay, okay, so it's not quite that bad, though you couldn't pay me to read worse. Work with me here, huh?

    I was going to try to describe the (snicker) "plot", but I just didn't have the sheer talent required to distill so much incoherence into the space of a few short paragraphs. Thus, I will instead share this gem of an excerpt:

    Death shivers. Desire gigles "Man i got you bad, but if I'm going to help you, you need to help me." Wtih that Desire positioned herself so she was in a 69 with her sibling. Death leaned up takingin the sweet smell of Desire. Desire leans down and caresses Death's thighs with her hand, while her tongue goes over her clit.

    Death moans and sits up enough to bury her face in Desire's muff and starts licking away. Desire bites her lip and grins. "That's a we're getting somewhere."

    Desire leans up and slides 3 fingers deep in Deaths cunt. Death pulls away to yell in pleasure as Desire fingers her sibling. Death sucks on a finger and hisses "let's see how you like it" Death pluges a finger deep in desires ass and the two finger each other for several minutes before climaxing.

    I am sure that, this very moment, Neil Gaiman is weeping, weeping, that he has thus far been unable to commit such deathless (har!) poetry-in-prose to paper.