Stamp Collecting for Dummies, written by Richard L. Sine


  • stamp collecting for dunniesThe Stamp Collecting for Dummies, written by Richard L. Sine is a complete reference book for beginners who are interested in collecting stamps, but do not have any idea of doing the same. The stamp collection has evolved over the years and there are millions of stamps available all over the world, in every parts of the country. With so many stamps being released now and then, it is difficult for stamp collectors to collect stamps that are valuable.

    And being a beginner, it is an arduous task of focusing on stamps of interest. To assist stamp collectors in this regard, the stamp collecting for Dummies comes up with information related to what stamps to collect, how to collect, how to protect them from damage, how to store valuable stamps, how to know the face value of the stamps etc. The author is a renowned stamp collector and has written many books and paper columns on stamps.

    The book also deals with information on collecting stamps online and selling them to dealers. The author has also discussed about celebrities who are active philatelists and how to love the hobby. You can also find information about customizing the collection of stamps and showcasing them as per your interests.

    The highlight of the book is the illustration of ten keys to identify and authenticate stamps so that the value of the stamps is higher. Moreover, you will also get details about the history of stamp collection and the traditional sources of collecting them. You are also warned of how dealers may cheat you while you sell the stamps. Hence this book is a perfect guide for all those who want to collect stamps and also for those who wish to sell them.