The Complete Guide to Stamps & Stamp Collecting


  • The Complete Guide to StampsThe complete guide to stamps and stamp collecting by James Mackay is an ultimate guide to stamp collecting as it reveals all the information related to stamps and its value. The book describes more than 3000 best stamps present in the world along with the history of those stamps, their values, etc. The book is full of colored photographs of thousands of stamps that are available in more than 200 countries. It is a complete illustrated reference for anyone who would want to know all the details regarding this wonderful hobby.

    The quality of the book is evident from the fact that the author is James Mackay, who is one of the leading authors on book about stamps and stamp collecting. He has written more than hundred books on the topic. He himself is a leading stamp collector and a philatelist. With 264 pages full of colorful illustration of stamps, the book is a perfect guide to all those who want to set their foot in this hobby. The font size of the text throughout the book is small which may be disturbing for people with eye defects, but because of the smaller size, much information is provided in the book. In some book stores book contains CD with free stamp collecting software for mac bonus.

    The cost of the book is comparatively lower than the other books that are of same nature. It is a paperback collection published by Annes. It was published in the year 2012 and is selling as hot cakes among the stamp collectors. If you would want a book that is so colorful and informative, the complete guide is the book that you can rely upon.